Quit smiling, you’re suppose to be professional!

Oh my big love, oh my sweet heart, let’s put above, my only one. So please, keep playing your voice on my head to remember our unique moments. 😍😚❤

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Drink coffee until you get mad. ☕

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Ya know guys, I really enjoy writing stuff, so today I got this typewriter to start with something. I’m just learning how to write with this thing, but I can tell you, this is way better than writing things in computer, even I loving write stuff in here, I admit that I really enjoy listen to the big noise from the keys of the typewriter.

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Happy birthday…to me…

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I’m sure you are my one and only ❤❤❤

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avengedsevenfxld asked: 1, 2, 3, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 e 15

OH! MY! GOD! Thank you :3

  • 1:What band has inspired you the most?
  • Well, I don’t really know, because I have three awesome bands in my head when I see this question. Those bands are: Arctic Monkeys, Avenged Sevenfold and Queens of the Stone age. I’m sure about this three.
  • 2:What/who got you into the music you listen to now?
  • Well, my parents, I mean, my father and my brother, they like the same stuff, but I keep myself further ya know, I started to listen a lot of different types of the music I usually listen to, they are on the first 10% (my brother and father) of my learning, I keep myself on the rest.
  • 3:Is music a big part of your life?
  • Yes, yes and yes. I still want to be a musician, but I’m dedicating my time to study, because I want to go to the college ya know, and then start to play guitar a lot while I have time. So, I’m sure you’ll see me on youtube or something with videos of guitar covers hehehe.
  • 10:Have you ever moshed?
  • Unfortunatelly no, but I’ll do a lot of times, I’m pretty sure about that.
  • 11:CD’s or iTunes?
  • LP’S and CD’S, but I only download music, I want to buy CD’s and LP’s. But I don’t have nothing to play the vinyls, so, only CD’s and I need a lot of money, here in Brazil this things are really expensive.
  • 12:What is your favorite album? Why?
  • Well, in life? I’m gonna chose Nightmare from Avenged Sevenfold, but I can’t forget about Arctic Monkey third album Humbug too. I coul’d say something about QOTSA too because this three bands are my life in music ya know, and I choose they last album Like A Clockwork.
  • 13:Who is the funniest band/band member you know?
  • Well, I go by The Rev. He’s fuckin crazy and fuckin awesome, I love those crazy things he did in the past ya know…he’s a genious and I (we) miss him a lot.
  • 14:What band has the best lyrics?
  • Arctic Monkeys: Love/Psychedelic sometimes/Great type of lyrics. - Avenged Sevenfold: Strong letters. - QOTSA: I don’t know, they have crazy lyrics but still good. So I go with AM.
  • 15:How has music helped you?
  • Well, music is everything ya know, helps me a lot when I want to write something, or when I’m sad (it makes me more sad), when I’m happy, when I want to be happy, while I take a bath…in a lot of things. Music is my choose in life ya know, I want to work with that, I want to write music, I want to do stuff related to music. That’s why I’m going to be a journalist, because I want to be with music, and I’m want to be a musician too, so I’ll do for it.

WOW, fuck I thought you asked me in english so I answered (I tried) in english…sorry.

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    ♫ ♪ Music Ask ♪ ♫

  • 1: What band has inspired you the most?
  • 2: What/who got you into the music you listen to now?
  • 3: Is music a big part of your life?
  • 4: How many concerts have you been to?
  • 5: What is the favorite merch item you’ve ever purchased?
  • 6: Who is your favorite musician/band?
  • 7: What song do you listen to when you’re sad?
  • 8: What song do you listen to when you’re mad?
  • 9: What song do you listen to when you’re pissed off?
  • 10: Have you ever moshed?
  • 11: CD’s or iTunes?
  • 12: What is your favorite album? Why?
  • 13: Who is the funniest band/band member you know?
  • 14: What band has the best lyrics?
  • 15: How has music helped you?
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